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When you’re making an investment decision, we want to give you all of the relevant information. When we locate a property to purchase, we’ll send you a full Opportunity Profile. You’ll receive photos, property descriptions, and a full competitive market analysis.

Property description


Financial Analysis (Purchase price, Rehab costs and ARV)

Repairs Plan

Offer/Financial details

Expected close date and rehab timeline

Neighborhood analysis

Purchase contract, as available

Full Competitive Market Analysis

The Opportunity Profile Will Include:

We have a dedicated acquisition team constantly scanning the market for properties that meet our investment profile. They are highly motivated to find properties giving us a steady supply of projects for you to invest in. While savings and the stock market are unpredictable and come with no guarantee, we can offer up to a 12% return, backed by

a lien on real property.

Business Meeting

We work hard to create positive and productive mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. We strive to assist in their business development with a goal of mutual growth and long-term success.
By using our proven construction rehab systems, we achieve a more predictable and efficient process, creating a superior product and increased profits for our partners.


We understand that when you put your money on the line, you would like to see your return as soon as possible. And we know that it is in our interest to have a committed, happy lender as a partner. So we work hard to ensure that our contracting team is on schedule and on budget, and that we produce houses that will be quick to sell once they’re done.

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